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Notice of removal

A notice of removal must be submitted no later than one week after the day of removal. A notice of removal is a statutory responsibility.

Once you have submitted your notice of removal:

  • Your name is placed on your door and on the list of residents’ board in the staircase.
  • You can have your door opened with the master key. If your name is not found on the register of occupants, the door cannot be opened.
  • You can request an excerpt of the register of occupants.

Also remember deliver your new address to:

  • The Population Register Centre
  • Your electricity provider
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Registers of associations
  • Friends and relatives
Notification of moving in or out

Notification details

The notification of moving in/out concerns

Details of the person making the notification

Name(s) to be placed on the door and stairwell wall

We value your privacy and pay particular attention to the protection of personal data and good data processing practices. We provide property maintenance services for housing companies and attend to maintenance requests from housing company residents. As a general rule, for the residents’ personal data collected through the form and maintained in the service, the housing company is the controller of the register in question. We process personal data included in the housing company’s register in order to provide property maintenance services on behalf of the housing company. For more information on the processing of personal data, please contact your building manager and read our data protection statement here.